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We aim to bring the reality of the forest, in a structured form, in the shortest time, in order to improve decision making capacity. We use innovative ideas and applied research to turn our motto "The nature in digital format" into reality. Our interests are in providing a complete service for our partners and their needs to receive real-time information.


Forestry works on strong connections between different technological branches


The measurements are done based on trees, entire forests or logs.


For volume determination complex tree shapes that are suitable to use a diameter and a height. A scientifically proven fact is that the error cannot fall below 5.6% and the measurement bias of DBH and H affects the setting up to 26.4% (Ståhl, 1992; Li and Weiskittel, 2010; Berger et al., 2014), therefore classical methods are not suitable for modern tree measurements and volume determination. Errors in determining the volume of a tree according to the regression equation represent + - 7-8% for a coverage of 68%. These errors double for a 95% probability of coverage (Giurgiu et al, 2004).









   In a judicious application of the methods and in a number of       more than 100 trees per species in equine stands,   a                 representativeness error of +/- 5% can be obtained at a               probability of coverage of 68%.












  Huber method inapplicable for the entire stem, masts or round pieces of wood larger than 7 m, especially for those from the lower or upper part of the stem, the negative systematic errors reaching 4%, to which is added the average square error of +-9% (at a coverage probability of 68%) Giurgiu et. to 2004.

 Many problems occur in the forestry industry as the data collecting step is very subjective, as every measure is different, even if it's done by the same operator. In order to remove all of this subjectivity and to create a fast complete solution for measuring, fast documentation and security of transport with our traceability truck scan, we came up with VirtSilv which aims to bring industrial revolution to forestry.  


VirtSilv which is an intelligent AI based platform for tree bio-metrics determinations in three steps. 

Scanning - The real forest becomes a virtual point-cloud forest. We have various methods of scanning from fix station to mobile phones scanners. We even have our own scanning application!



      The point-cloud is divided in above ground vegetation and digital elevation model where every tree is separated individually.





Tree shape is created and the bio-metrics parameters are calculate using AI algorithms






VirtSilv - Individual Trees and Forests

The forest is scanned and separated from the ground. We obtain the digital elevation model and every tree is segmented individually. VirtSilv platform in which each tree can be individually selected to see its coordinates, stem volume, height and branches volume, all of these variables are calculated using AI algorithms.

The entire forest is put back together in VirtSilv platform, where based on account you can enter and check every tree for it's caracteristiques and positioning. With this information it's easy to design roads or methods of harvesting, and also sort the needed assortments before the cutting begins. Maximum efficiency!

Reports, graphs and excel files can be downloaded throw the platform analytics tab

VirtSilv is created based on the need to remove subjectivity from the forestry sector and to enhance the efficiency, productivity and to be as sustainable as possible by smart harvesting and smart planning. The future is now, test VirtSilv!

You can always ask for a VirtSilv test via e-mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. and we will contact you. Ckeck our VirtSilv movies and blogs and feel free to ask any question.